Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Web Designer in Springfield IL

I own a small hair salon in the little town outside of Springfield, IL. When I’m not catching up on gossip and actually working, I’m on Facebook posting pictures of recent haircuts either I or my employees did. Facebook is great for this type of thing. I get plenty of engagement and new customers. I’m building brand awareness, and I’m having fun doing it. But there are certain things that Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest don’t offer.

My website offers functionality that you can’t find on a social media platform. I can sell different products right on my store. Saving clients a trip to my store. I can also have clients schedule their next haircut right on my website because I hired a the best web designer in Springfield to add that feature. This saves my employees from running to answer the phone every 5 minutes.

Finding a great web designer is key to having a great website. Otherwise you might as well just use Weebly or Squarespace. But like my mother always says, “If you’re going to do something, do it right.” That’s why I hired Unola found here – They can also handle you’re social media management if you run a real business and can’t spend all day on Facebook like me 🙂 Something else I would suggest you look into is SEO. When I first started my business, I couldn’t find my website in Google. This possible new clients on a wild goose chase to find my phone number or hours. By doing a little SEO, Unola was able to rank my site on the first page of Google for the keywords that were going to drive traffic to my website.

I suggest you Google web designers in your local area and do a little calling around. You might be surprised in the return on investment that’s possible by putting a little money into digital marketing. If you have any tips for a small business owner, be sure to leave them in the comments.

Have a great day!

Reasons Why You Should Use an Auto Concierge Service to Buy a Car

car buying service

The process of buying a car is not just a cup of tea you take in the morning. It’s rather a tough process that involves not only choosing a car model or brand but also knowing the right price, how to get spare parts, where to get the repair services among other things that can have an impact on your car purchasing experience. However, with an auto concierge shopper, the process doesn’t have to be stressful. He or she will make sure you get the car of your choice without having to deplete your bank account. These type of shoppers are important to you for several reasons that include:


Once you have made your mind that you need a car, the next step is to hire an auto concierge shopper who will use their knowledge, expertise, and experience to get you the right car at your convenience. You don’t have to squeeze yourself in between your busy schedule to visit dealerships or research online and do painful and tiresome negotiations, your concierge shopper can save you all these hassles.

They provide everything in writing

Most car dealers will give you a couple of promises but later fail to fulfill them. An auto concierge shopper is a professional who knows how to handle or deal with such dealerships. He/she knows when and how to apply the rule of the thumb when dealing with car dealers and bring everything into writing. By hiring such a professional, you surely avoid being conned as well as empty promises car dealers will make to you.

Actual savings

A professional concierge shopper who is honest and trustworthy will help you avoid unrealistic market prices set by unscrupulous car dealers thus saving you extra cash that you would have otherwise lost unknowingly. They will also help you avoid brokers. Believe it or not, hiring his/her expertise will pay for the expenses incurred by itself. A nice idea indeed.

Always on Your Side

The major difference between car dealers and auto concierge shoppers is that auto concierges are always on your side. And unlike most car dealers and salespeople, the amount of money an auto concierge will make is not influenced by the amount of money you spend. They usually work for fixed price unless otherwise. So, they will stand on your side when they feel you are being exploited by dealerships or salespeople.

You are sure you know who you are working with

Most auto concierge shoppers are professionals permitted by their respective government agencies to carry out such services. For this reason, you are sure you’re working with someone you can always trace in case of anything wrong. Unlike salespeople or dealers, you can always lend your trust to the auto concierge.

Making trade-Ins

Trade-Ins are best described as the best way to kill two birds with a single stone. Theoretically, this means that you can get rid of your old used car and get money discount on your newly acquired car. Dealerships might attempt to run away with your trade-in value if they realize you have little knowledge about the value of your old car but an auto concierge will not.